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What Is JustTheBill?

JustTheBill is the easiest way to manage your expenses on-the-go. To enter an expense, you can just snap a photo of the receipt with your camera phone and JustTheBill App and it will be stored for your bookkeeper.

For bookkeepers, JustTheBill is even more convenient. Instead of sorting through a drawer full of receipts at the end of the month, every transaction is neatly organized in our online dashboard. Once expenses have been approved, they can be exported to your choice of accounting software.


  • Mobile Applications Install our app on your iPhone or Blackberry to upload receipts from anywhere.
  • Online Verification Every amount is verified by a pair of human eyes for maximum accuracy.
  • QuickGlance Dashboard Lets you see your total expenses for the day, week, and month in one simple page.
  • Universal Export JustTheBill works with a wide range of accounting software by exporting data in the .CSV format. That means we are compatible with Quicken, Excel, and Simply Accounting (coming soon).
  • Mirror Your Chart Of Accounts JustTheBill is designed to make your accounting easier. That's why we allow you to set up debit and credit accounts to line up with your company's accounting practices.
  • Email Your Receipts JustTheBill works on any phone with a camera and email support. Just send a photo of your receipt to your special JustTheBill email address and the system will take care of the rest.
  • International Support Works in Canada, and the US, without annoying tax problems. JustTheBill seamlessly supports multiple currencies, so you don't have to worry about your software keeping up with your jetset lifestyle.
  • SecureJustTheBill takes security seriously. We use HTTPS to ensure that all traffic coming and going is securely encrypted for your protection.

How To Expense Your First Receipt

  1. Install the application onto your mobile phone
  2. Login using your credentials from your welcome email
  3. Photograph your receipt

How To Set Up JustTheBill For Your Business

  1. Register for a JustTheBill account
  2. Add user accounts for anyone submitting receipts
  3. Check your dashboard after the first receipt has been submitted
  4. Verify the amounts and accounts
  5. Export your data to a .CSV file

Accounting Software Compatibility

Software Support Restrictions
Microsoft Excel Yes None
Quickbooks Yes Requires use of Transaction Pro Importer to import
Simply Accounting No Coming soon
Platform Restrictions
Blackberry Needs a camera and OS 4.2.1 or higher
Web None
Email Supports .jpg, .png, and .pdf documents
iPhone Email submission only